Astro Boy Superb Anime Statue

Well-known South Korean company 5Pro Studio came out with a project for famous anime character Astro Boy.

The adorable anime statue comes with two different packages, which include the Normal and DX Version. What makes this Astro Boy statue different from others is the details displayed by the statue itself. For the normal version, you will get a statue with a simple diorama while for the DX version, Astro Boy will get an exclusive 'home' for himself. Simply can't wait to display the statue at my home!

Some details of the products below:

Name: Astro Boy Superb Anime Statue
Product Size : H 300mm W 110mm 2. 
Diorama Base : H 470mm W 250mm 
Weight : 1. DX ver. : Approximately 8kg (including Package) 
               2. Normal ver. : Approximately 4kg (including Package)
Price: USD 379 | USD 549
Official Website: Normal | Deluxe

More photos below

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