10 Facts About Harley Quinn Almost Nobody Knows!

In recent years, the DC Comics character Harley Quinn whom we know as Joker’s girlfriend has risen to popularity. Her character is now a very major presence in the DC universe. Today, Harley Quinn is featured in a couple of animated series and movies, as well as standalone comics. Basically, she plays a major role in other heroes’ and villain’s storylines.

Despite this major presence in the DC movies, there is still so much that fans tend to get wrong about this beauty. This is largely influenced by her role as the Joker’s girlfriend. Most people perceive Harley as just a sidekick and as if she wouldn’t matter that much if it were not for Joker.

However, this is where everyone goes wrong as Harley is a complex character. There is so much that we will discuss in the section below that might even come as a surprise to you. So, let’s get to it.

10 Things you probably didn’t know about Harley Quinn

1. Harley is more than just a ‘Psycho’
There is no denying, Harley has earned this title. As just like Joker, she is a great representative of psycho behavior. Besides being a psychiatrist, Harley has proven to have the capability to help others without the influence of Joker. Also, she is a talented fighter. Harley could switch from being a good guy to a villain to somewhere in between which is something that makes her character very interesting.

2. Harley has had other love interests besides Joker
Everyone’s assumption always is that Harley Quinn has only had a love interest in Joker. The truth is that she has been linked to several villains and superheroes including Batman.

3. Harley started out as Joker’s Psychiatrist
Initially, Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist who was taking care of the Joker’s therapy in an asylum. As they went on with therapy lessons with Joker, she found herself falling in love with Joker, the deranged prince of crime.

4. Harley is highly Intelligent
To many, Harley Quinn is just a little lovable maniac. However, there is so much to her than just that. She is a highly intelligent lady who has incredible skill in psychiatry.
As much as Harley falls out of line and engages in criminal ways, you can always see her intelligence standing out even more than her other more popular traits.

5. Harley’s Character is based on a star in soap-opera
This is unbelievable to most people, but Harley Quinn’s character is inspired by the soap opera ‘Days of our Lives’.

6. Harley actually has superpowers
While you will say Harley is just a murderous psycho, she is imbued with superpowers. These are attained from the serum that she is given by Poison Ivy while she was being nursed in a toxic dumpsite. Her powers include immunity to acid and toxins, super strength, and agility.

7. She was initially meant to be only a Cameo
Harley’s popularity has very fast risen over a couple of years, which is a big win for her character. When she started off, she was only meant to be a one-time cameo in a Batman’s animated series. However, fans took a liking to her character hence she became a regular in this show.

8. Harley is not always subservient to Joker
Majority of the people see Harley as someone who takes every order from Joker. However, this is not the case as they disagree in a couple of instances which leads to some pretty bad behavior from both.

9. Harley has a family
Fans see Harley as just part of Joker’s life. However, the truth is that Harley has a family who gets introduced along her career path in different movies and series that she has engaged in.

10. Harley has her own team as well
Harley has not always been following Joker around. In some instances, Harley has created her own gang and occasionally has engaged with other characters for instance in ‘Suicide Squad’. This shows that she could be a leader on her own too.

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